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Zavala Iron Doors vs. Others Doors

You have to remember that the door is the most important part of your house. It is  what greets you and your visitors, and it is the first impression you get from your house. It is well worth-it to INVEST in a piece that is going to  last you quite a few years. Some of the customers who have bought their doors with us, call us to move their doors from their old house to their new one when they move because they like their Zavala Iron Door so much.
Please take a look at the pictures attached, and  let the pictures “speak” for themselves. And after you see the pictures, please take some time to read the quality specifications and details Zavala Iron Doors encompass.  

When comparing doors, you should consider all the following aspects:

  • Inside/Outside Trim. Our trims are 3”, the competitors don’t even have it. This trim adds beauty to your door by framing it, and the design of the door flows better with its surrounding. If you pay close attention you will find different levels in it as well, which make it more attractive to the eye.

    Zavala Iron Door
    other doors

  • Threshold. We offer a 1 ¼” oak threshold, they have an aluminum threshold. An aluminum threshold wont last you long plus it doesn’t provide you the stability, beauty, durability, and structure that the oak threshold offers you. Most of the times floors are not straight, but the oak threshold provides the door a flat surface to sit on. With an aluminum threshold, the iron frame wobbles during installation and compromises stability.

  • Step. Pay close attention to the bottom left and right parts of our doors and theirs. These are the kind of little details that make Zavala Iron Doors a beautiful and high-end product.

  • Hardware. We work with best-selling, high-quality Emtek hardware as a standard. The hardware retails for $250-$300 a piece, so if you are getting double doors you’d be looking at close to $600 for that alone (Please note that Iron Double Doors only come with one entry lock. If you would like a dummy knob, please request it as an additional accessory.) . The competitors don’t include hardware with their price, and if they do, ask them WHAT brand it is and compare the quality.

    Zavala Threshold
    Other Threshold

  • Iron pulls. We also give you the option of iron pulls if you don’t want hardware or don’t want to pay extra for a dummy to make your door a more custom and beautiful product. The competitors just provide you with two holes for you to install the hardware.

  • Detailing. We pay close attention to detail, and your door is soft and smooth anywhere you see it. Unions between materials are seamless and flow beautifully from one form into another.

  • Forges. Pay close attention to our forges and compare them both.

  • Colors. Our painting process is very labor intensive and several quality checks are performed during and after it. At the end we assure  you that the color on your door  will be different and unique, and will catch the eye of anyone who visits your home. We start with a dark brown base and apply different colored accents to it. We also apply two clear coats to make your door last longer and to make it stand out from the rest.

    Zavala Pulls
    other Pulls

  • Water ramp. Our doors have an angled iron trim in it’s flushed-in sections, such as glass panes and kick plates. The purpose of this is to let water flow out , preventing the formation of rust.

  • Custom Design. Remember we offer you the option to customize your door as much as you’d like, and we don’t charge you extra for that. We may modify the design as much as you’d like us to until you are 100% satisfied and in loved with it.

    "It is worth mentioning that all the previous points have been tailored to fit our client’s demands and needs. Since we have been present in most of our installation jobs, through our 12 years of experience clients have requested us to make little changes to their doors. These changes have helped us improve our product and are the reason why we now offer a high quality, beautiful, one-of-a-kind Iron Door. "

    Zavala Design
    Other Design

  • Hinge durability.  Zavala Iron Doors installs reinforcement to the frame square tube; this helps separate tubular to our ball baring hinges from the door and frame.

  • Easiness of Installation. Our doors are delivered pre-assembled and ready to install. They are so easy to install that you only need 7 screws!

  • Technical specifications. Our doors are insulated and powder coated. We use top-quality material that is not only corrosion and rust-free, but also absolutely straight and, in the case of square tubing, with a perfect close. The materials we work with as standard specs are 14-gauge square tubes, 3/8” x 1”-1½” flat-bar design, and 5/8” x 5/8”square-bar design.

  • No hidden charges. Our final price includes everything: custom color, glass, 1 Emtek Tuscany hardware or 2 iron pulls (double doors), exterior and interior 3” trim, step, oak threshold, and custom design.

  • Customer Service. We will be happy to provide you with excellent service and answer ANY and ALL of your questions and concerns about our product during the research process, production process, and installation process. As well as post-installation and maintenance questions, if required.

    Zavala Service
    other Service

  • Attention to detail.  The company owner is always on site supervising our projects, something our competition can’t boast. Also, we have qualified personnel doing a  quality control inspection on every door. Over 100 man-hours go into the manufacturing for each of our doors, ensuring you the most beautiful and best quality door you can find in the market.

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